Weekly Sparrow 44

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Greetings fellow Hegemonians,

This week brought not only a new number to our lives (and deaths) but also many desirable ingredients for the upcoming “a Stoic Feast”! The spice merchant in Innsbruck recently acquired vanilla and the Dairy Hamlet discovered the making process of cream. Quests were bricking skins were running out of patience, titles got pestered and some NPCs have more to say. Let us hope, the recaptured “Delete Fixtures” button will save our rentals from fluff invasions.

As the quests and preparation for the events, “A Stoic Feast” and “Militia Event”, have busied our Lords and Ladies a lot more than first expected, the Weekly Sparrow features another interview with some main figures of the events, the guild leaders of Cavimak Harimate and Knights of the Apocalypse!

1.) During the last event, the raid of the Deserter's Camp outside of Innsbruck to retrieve the Golden Chalices, Cavimak Harimate and Knights of the Apocalypse worked together. Although we have a joined combat opportunity again, Sir Vermundr declared a mild challenge to other guilds for the Steward's Recruitment. What are your thoughts on this declaration, Sir Ranie, and will it affect future partnerships with KOTA?

Sir Ranie: „During the last event the raids of the Deserter’s Camp I saw and have read about great enjoyment from both Cavimak Harimate and Knights of the Apocalypse. While both parties were helping each other out in hunting down and slaying the awful deserters. Knights of the Apocalypse are a mighty powerful and friendly guild. I see the upcoming preparations for the feast as friendly banter, the goal is clear we need to hunt prepare and cook for 50 guests. These guests are not just guests they are Rich townsmen, merchants, Notable persons, and the Graf and Grafin with their household. We challenge KOTA and other guilds or individual chefs to prepare their best meals for this wonderful feast.“

Sir Vermundr: “I’m glad you called me here so that we may speak. As for your first question I am glad Sir Ranie and his great group of people takes it as a friendly Jest. My knights and I do not wish to offend them because we think of most of their people as friends. My Order, Knights of the Apocalypse believes competition will help make people better themselves. People need that competition for that struggle to overcome obstacles in their path and to surpass their limits.”

2.) Our Liege, Hegemon, has allowed guild Representatives to take part in the Steward's Recruitment. Who will be your respective Representatives?

Sir Ranie: „We are inviting everyone within the guild to participate.“

Sir Vermundr: “Yes I am glad our Liege Lord included us for the stewards commission. Our main representative will be Pilvey for the banquet. He is a fine Knight and he is by far our best Chef. Our only other option for a chef is Sir Crumbs and if he were to be, then we might all greet our last meal sooner than expected...”

3.) Do you think, your entry will prevent solo-players from participating?

Sir Ranie: „Not in the slightest, even solo players can cook and prepare the greatest meals. For the lone wolfs out there serve a dish worthy of your family name.“

Sir Vermundr: “I do not believe the entry of Knights of the Apocalypse will cause an imbalance. We might be supporting Sir Pilvey with supplies and materials, but at the end of the day he is the cook and in this competition the best chef will win. Again we are striving to get as many people involved as possible so that all participants can grow as individuals.”

4.) Will you see it as interesting to hold skill-related events like the Steward's Recruitment on a regular basis? For example, since we have a banquet during autumn, would you encourage the organization of a crafting competition in spring?

Sir Ranie: „We are always open to new events they keep the morale high in the guild.“

Sir Vermundr: “YES! A Grand Hunt is needed!”

And what kind of prey would this hunt include in your opinion, Sir Vermundr?

“Damned dragons we will hunt them all. Wait no.. Not those I meant BOAR!, Wolves, Rabbits, and Lynx. We should invite all hunters to participate and present only the finest pelts to the Graf and Grafn. We believe feasts and other activities are important to this land. My knights and I will try and assist our liege in starting some of these social events or rounding up nerdowells who threaten the realm. We believe by having these it shows our Graf’s power in the region and will bring in future citizens to the realm. This will help with economic stability and show our lands political standing to all who would see evil upon us.”

The Weekly Sparrow is always thankful for participation in interviews like these and seeing how lively Sir Vermundr got, we might have a fun winter ahead of us. Depending on the course of changes and the progression of the event, keep your eyes peeled for the next issue!