Weekly Sparrow 43

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Greetings Hegemonian fellows,

Another change of version is announced but not yet active. While our Lords and Ladies are eager to fight those pesky memory leaks and forgetful citizens, we can look forward to:

Beds can now have levels, making even your retainers log for those soft and comfy heavens.
Shops have properly arranged storage space as shelves and with the ceasing of hammering and plopping sounds, we can hopefully enjoy a shopping spree soon.
By order of our Lords and Ladies, all treasure scrolls were handed in for inspection.
A first Villein has been spotted among our peers.

Between all the hustle and bustle some juicy rumours go around. First is, that after a long line of tasks, given by Marcus and other prominent figures, we can dodge the fee for the Alpine Pass. The other comes out of the Schönsee kitchen. The Graf seems to plan a banquet at the end of next week for roughly fifty people. All Hegemonian with a bit of taste buds are encouraged to participate, but those who do not meet that criteria, can join another raid, Militia uniforms are most welcome.

How the raid preparations are going and who will participate in the Banquet Challenge, you will know in the next issue!