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Greetings Hegemonian fellows,

As promised last week, let us have a look at the Monastery:

The slightly hidden buildings are located south of Innsbruck and not far from the deserter’s camp. Some bandits have been spotted on the road, but they do not pose a thread for now.
The monks enjoy growing pumpkin, hops and herbs and often give out related items if asked with a light bump. They may not look like much, but their fists are heavy and their bodies durable. Younger folks should not pick a fight with them easily.
some of the lesser ranked monks were dispatch to the towns by Brother Randalf, the head of the Monastery. He often worries about Brother Eugene outside the main gate.
Other new inhabitants are the smith in Innsbruck, Armourer, who set up a shop in Triumphweg 24 and the hermit Reldor. A bit grumpy but very knowledgeable fellow joined the clerks in the Townhall. He is simply called the Reliquarian.

Some whispers go around, that under Innsbruck a mischievous bunch has taken root and are looking for new fellows.

For the Bonus article, see here.
The coming issue will cover a combat event, organized by our fellow Hegemonian, and feature an interview with one of those organizers.
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