Content Patch v1.1.1

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- Fixed quest progression bug
- Fixed tag reading bug for quests
- Fixed bug that could cause you to get multiple objectives at the same time
- Added Horses and Dairy Cows back
- Added more Horses to the world
- Added retainer spawns to all new taverns
- Peasants now use better skins
- Peasants sometimes use Town skins based on wealth of region
- Retainers now use Alpine skins
- Fixed Merchant skins not being unlocked on pack purchase
- New mob: Deserter Footman
- New mob: Deserter Marksman
- Added Deserter Encampment
- Created drops for Deserter Footman
- Created drops for Deserter Captain
- Added Deserter mobs to Deserter Encampment
- Added new mob: Fisherman
- Added new mob: Hunter
- Added above mobs to the world
- Added Scrapped Sheepskin
- Rough Travel orders use this new item
- Added recipe for Rough Purveyance Order
- Updated Notarize, Forgery, Sawbench Icon ArtAttach files
- Updated Defence Stat icon
- Launcher enabled