Behind the Scenes - September

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Hello everyone,

Last time, we talked about Hegemony’s expansion system as Historical and Grand Historical Events. Now it is time to present you the first Historical Event “Traders from the East” or Version 1.1.0!

The Emissary of the Ming Dynasty reached our lands and is currently residing in Lauterbrunnen. Players are encouraged to form groups of six or more in the new minigame to escort those merchants from Lauterbrunnen over Schönsee to Hochhügel. The Emissary will reward participants depending on performance with rare goods like paper, pepper seeds and Silver Taels.

A new technology for skins was implemented and certain activities will unlock permanent skins. Relax in your new clothes and enjoy the illuminated towns.

Combat has undergone a massive overhaul and rebalance. The player has now basic attributes such as accuracy and defence and the combat formula has been reworked to be more dependent on the combat skills, player attributes, armour and weapon attributes. Death punching a peasant without armour is not recommended anymore. Instead players can look forward to rebalanced ranged combat, making it more deadly and less evadable. Archers should note that the level is eminent on performance now and wearing heavy armour is not a good idea. Shortbows have been buffed for more accurate attacks and melee fighters can now carry various shields. All fighters will also note a reworked hostility formula, encouraging teamed combat and formations with rear and vanguards.

NewNPCs.jpgTo accommodate the player’s need for more enemies, several ferocious beast and Bandits were added to the paths across the world. As well as some more friendly NPCs to give the world more diversity.

A new crafting skill called ‘Leatherworking’ has been added, as well as a trainer for agility. Leatherworking is similarly skilled to tailoring, processing tanned hides of various new and old animals into medium armour to boost ranged combat.

Another long-established skill, herblore, has undergone some rebalancing and new herbs have been added. Players can farm their seeds in the new encampment location, battling with level 53+ deserters. The new herbs include Squill, Samphire, Myrrh and Comfrey. All of these are plantable and therefore farmable.

As deserters have occupied an area in the south east of Innsbruck, another bunch of challenging mobs have been deployed to the western mountains.

Look forward to new titles and quests to unlock them, more useful retainers and a shopping spree in Innsbruck.