Behind the Scenes - July

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Now that we are closer to the expansion release date we can release more details of the announcement! Yep you read it right, this has turned into a full expansion and has been reversioned as v1.1.0 and is now a full Historical Event expansion - Traders from the East.

Traders from the East is our first historical event but definitely not the last.

We're going to give some spoilers now of what the content expansion will involve:

- Amazingly awesome Historical Event Mechanic (This is super amazing, fun and replayable)
- Historical Event Trailer
- Combat Overhaul (Melee)
- Combat Overhaul (Ranged)
- Tonnes of new quests
- Wild Lands
- Free Building
- Retainer Tasks
- Endgame Encounter (Super Strong Rewards)
- Tonnes of new Mobs
- New Vocation: Purveyor
- New Vocation: Thief
- New Skill: Leatherworking
- 3 New Armour Types
- Villein, Townsman, Craftsman, Shopkeeper Rankups

More details to come on our Trailer Announcement Date (Soon)