Behind the Scenes - December 2020

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Hello everyone!

We're just around the corner of this year. In the previous month that has just lapsed, we have been hard at work refactoring player-owned-NPCs.

What we worked on

The player owned shop system now uses a much more bank-like interface and incorporates the notes system for ease of buying / selling large quantities of goods. Initial setup for laborers is also complete as well as beds.

What we are working on

The focus of this month is to continue finishing off 1.1.0 features as well as work on QoL features as we are between versions such as the level up process experience and feedback, this includes stream-lining the level up system as well as a complete refactor of the early game tutorial experience with cinematics and more voice-lines as we realize not everyone who joins has watched the trailer. We will try recreate the trailer experience ingame.

We will be opening the wild world for exploration quite soon as well, stay tuned for that!

Upcoming Events

For what we have planned for 1.2.0 and upcoming December patches we have some very interesting things!
There is a Christmas event planned where we plan on releasing our Santa Hat cosmetic for all, this will likely be in the form of a temporary (potentially repeatable) questline, the hats themselves will be tradeable.

Upcoming Expansions

Due to firstly time constraints and the release of other major products such as Shadowlands and Cyberpunk2077, we are postponing the next content update to early Jan 2021. However this is the tail-end of the holiday period, instead we will be releasing our Grand Historical Event in 1.3.0 instead, slated for June 2021.

Instead, in January 2021 we will be releasing a new type of expansion called "Preludes". This should be similar in scope to 1.1.0 and is the prelude for our grand historical event in 1.3.0.

Rest assured this will be just as content packed as our traditional releases, and is in a way a Historical Event in its own right. We are also starting a major and very exciting (Hegemony) project, slated to be announced in June 2021 as well. We can't wait to share these new expansions and announcements with everyone early next year!