Behind the Scences - October

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Hello everyone,

This month many of you have voiced different ideas for quality of life improvements. Thus, we added a lantern with a multistep crafting recipe to bring some light into mines and dark forest paths. Firemaking got some improvements considering the variety of burnable logs and a push-off mechanic for easier campfire skilling. Fertilizer was renamed to Bucket of Fertilizer and needed compost values were reduced to complement the rebalanced death rate of crops, scooping a compost bin is easier too. Retainers have more traits and are more useful (and hungrier) when before, including a bonus/malus to player owned shops’ inventory.

Alongside the reworked idle gas mechanic and beautifications to Innsbruck, you can look forward to many new quests. Some will open you the way to higher social circles. Becoming a Craftsman or Shopkeeper is not a pipedream anymore.

The Thieving Guild and a potential wild world are also in the making, while we try to give you more opportunities and content like the Golden Chalice Event. For a Militia Event in November, a new Militia rank and earnable skins were added. The team is also going to add rentals for Peasant and Yeoman in Schönsee Village.
See you soon!