Hegemony: Traders from the East

1535 - Traders from a foreign shore have arrived in our lands. They bring with them marvellous inventions and exotic goods that attract lustful eyes.

Plunder their riches! Or...perhaps escort them to their destination and be rewarded with goods that Europa has not seen before.

An unmodified Minecraft client is all that is required to play. No download required.

Hegemony is a classic-style MMORPG that combines unique gameplay features and Minecraft’s sandbox mechanics to deliver an unparalleled experience.

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Historical Event (?)

Take part in a safe-pvp asymmetrical minigame, playing the role of looters or of escorts protecting the caravan. Utilize different weapons, terrains, distractions and strategy to achieve success!

Steal or earn Taels of Silver from the traders and use it to buy exotic goods that Europa has not seen before.

New Quests

Experience an overhauled quest system including 21 new quests that utilizes a layered world, visually see the impact your progression makes on the world. Unlock new features, areas and functions with quest completion.

Complete compelling quests to reach the new ranks of Villein, Townsman, Craftsman and Shopkeeper!

New Skills

Leatherworking: Craft various hides into lightweight armours that boost ranged accuracy, offering superior protection against blunt attacks.

Agility: Run challenging gauntlets and improve your nimbleness and stamina.

New Vocations

Purveyance Office: Support the ongoing war effort with deliveries of produce, potions and consumables! You will be amply rewarded with various surplus supplies and potentially exotic seeds from foreign lands.

Thieves' Guild: Wreck mayhem around town doing shady tasks, earn the secret of crafting throwing projectiles and the coveted thieves' set!

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Endgame & Combat Rebalance

Combat is now more fast paced and balanced with a full melee and ranged rework and the ranged penalty/bonus stat. Take on dozens of new mobs with valuable drops.

Complete the new encampment encounter, slay the bosses and loot the chest to complete the encounter for a chance of acquiring the new endgame items!

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Rental Improvements

New layered rentals means anyone can rent a certain house in every location, you will only see and be able to interact with your own furnishings, just like the public farm plots.

In addition to public rentals in all major settlements, Innsbruck has had over 300 shopfronts and 700 other dwellings that can now be rented!

Retainer Tasks

Player owned NPCs (Retainers) now consume food based on their intellect and appetite! You can send them on tasks such as woodcutting, mining and fishing.

Grow their capabilities and unlock new task types!

The Wild World

Featuring the full launch of a world where you can claim land and freely build, be the first to snatch the most scenic and prime locations to set up your very own home, hamlet, village or even town!

Support Us

We are an indie team that have a real passion for MMOs. We're committed in creating an authentic nostalgic world experience. Your support goes towards the maintenance of the current game and the development of our future Historical Events and Dawn of a New Age expansions.

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What are historical events?

Historical Events are temporary content and mechanics that can be interacted with for the duration.

At the conclusion of the Historical Event typically 3-5 months, the mechanics will be removed and depending on how players have interacted with the historical event, either be merged into the main world or return at a later date.