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This page lists the frequently asked questions categorized by its type.



Do we need a Minecraft account? / Is the server premium only?
Yes, you need a legitimate Minecraft account to play Hegemony. Cracked clients are not allowed.

What is the server IP?

What version will Hegemony be in?
Version 1.15

Do we need to be whitelisted to play?
No. You will only need to apply for whitelist on role-playing server instances.

Do I need to download any mods or plugins to play?
No. You can play using the Minecraft launcher for Java edition, or using the custom client found at https://hegemony.xyz/play

Do we need to use the custom client to play? (The Client isn't working right now, so you have to use the normal Minecraft Launcher)
No, but you are recommended to use it! The custom client automatically installs quality of life mods and patches when there are new updates. Otherwise, you can play the game using the Minecraft launcher for the Java edition.

Can I play Hegemony on Xbox or Playstation 4?
No, we are currently only supporting the Java edition of Minecraft.

Can I play Hegemony on macOS/Linux?
Yes, as long as the Java edition of Minecraft supports the operating system.

Can I use client-side mods?
Yes! The only two categories of mods allowed are:

  • Minimap mods: Journeymap, Rei's Minimap, etc.
  • Graphical mods: Optifine, Shaders, player skin mods

However, any client-side mods found to be exploitative, such as:

  • Any X-ray mods
  • Any mods that messes with chunk render distance
  • Any mods that augments your character's behavior for exploitative purposes, such as fly hacks and speed hacks.
  • Any macro mods that scripts the actions and movement of your character

will render the offender facing harsh punishment. (Starting with flogging!)

Does Hegemony support languages other than English?
Infrastructure for localisation is implemented. However, it is still up to the popularity of the language as well as the contribution of volunteers! You can submit your resume and application to volunteer to [email protected]


Where are your servers located?
We currently have server instances in North America. EU servers are planned shortly after release.

Is progression shared among server instances?
Yes. Progression is shared among all server instances. (Even RP instances)

How many players can the servers support?
Each server instance can support 60 to 70 players. There are currently 33 server instances and more will be added if there is demand.

Cash Shop

What are the coins in the shop for?
They are used to buy only quality of life and cosmetic items. Hegemony is free to play and not pay to win.

What kind of cosmetic items are there?
You can buy player skins, nameplates over your head, bank expansions, NPC and land renames, etc. (See the full list at https://hegemony.xyz/shop)

Are there any other means to get coins?
Yes. You can earn shop coins by completing in-game challenges!

What does subscription give you?
For each tier of subscription, there are various rewards. Rewards for each subscription tier may change overtime. Tiers are currently 1-4

Price (USD$) Rewards
  • Crafting Queue 5: Able to queue 5 crafting orders
  • Ability to use own player skin in roleplaying instances
  • Access to all past historical events
  • Crafting Queue 10: Able to queue 10 crafting orders
  • Ability to use own player skin in all server instances
  • Silver Star Suffix
  • Access to all past historical events
  • Access to all past expansions
  • Crafting Queue 20: Able to queue 20 crafting orders
  • Ability to use own player skin in all server instances
  • Silver Star Suffix
  • Chat colour
  • Baby fox pet (fully animated)
  • Free NPC renaming
  • Free pet renaming
  • Access to all past historical events
  • Access to all past expansions
  • Crafting Queue 25: Able to queue 25 crafting orders
  • Ability to use own player skin in all server instances
  • Gold Star Suffix
  • Chat colour
  • Baby panda pet (fully animated)
  • Ability to change nickname
  • Ability to create popup message while entering your land region
  • Free region renaming
  • Free NPC renaming
  • Free pet renaming
  • Access to all past historical events
  • Access to all past expansions

What is crafting queue?
Crafting queue allows you to automatically craft the next instance of the item, with a 1 second delay, after the previous instance is crafted. This provide some convenience when you're processing materials in bulks. However, manual crafting will be faster so that hard work pays off!


Can I wear my own player skin?
If you are a subscriber, you can use any skin as long as its not overly offensive or too far off in style.

If only subscribers can wear custom skins, won't the rest of the player look alike?
There are many free skins available for players to use. These skins can be unlocked in game through missions and questing. Player skins can also be purchased from the coin shop.

Will there be /sethome and /home?
No, you have to walk! However, there will be Fast Travel options such as Travel NPCs and you can travel instantly between your rented and owned properties.



What is the max level for skills?

What is the max combat level?

If I can't dig, how do I mine for ores?
There are specially curated mines that you can access with ore veins being exposed from the walls of the mine. This ore veins regenerate shortly after they are mined. Higher level mines will have higher level ores.

Is there magic?
No, there is no magic in 16th century Europe.


Do the stocks in NPC shop replenish?
Yes. There is a fixed stock level that NPC aims to target for each item. If it is above that level, the stock will slowly diminish. If it is below that level, the stock will slowly replenish. The price of the item depends on the stock level.

Can I use player-owned shop to buy items?
Yes, you can set buy orders to purchase items from other players using the shop.

If I open my shop in one server instance, can players in other server instances see it?
Yes. When you rent a shop and have an NPC in it, it will be present on all server instances.

How many slots are there in the bank storage?
Your entire bank storage consist of several vaults and you can store up to 26 items in a vault. To unlock more vaults, complete quests, challenges, or simply purchase from the cash shop!

What is the max stack of one item that we can store in the bank?
There is no max stack. Go forth and hoard!

Player Owned Buildings / Player Owned Land

How do I own buildings?
There are properties scattered across the main world that you can rent. You can rent a building for 7 days by paying Guldens, up to a maximum tenure of 28 days. Days are defined as real life days and not Minecraft days. Checkout the page Rentable Properties for an in-depth guide.

What types of properties are there?
There are four types: Dwelling, Farmstead, Workshop, Shop. You can hold only one of each.

Can I edit my rented property?
Yes. You can place fixtures in specific hotspots. However, you can't edit the walls nor the structure of the house.

How do I claim land?
To claim land, you need to be of a sufficient rank with available quota for land claim blocks. Next, you need to find Land Deeds, which you can obtain as:

  • Drops from Bosses
  • Rewards from treasure clues and quest
  • Loot from abandoned vaults

Finally, with the land deeds, you need to pay Guldens to buy the land!.

Can I claim land in the main world?
Land can only be claimed in the wild lands, and it is limited by your rank. Land cannot be owned in the main world.

How do I own more buildings and land?
The limit to own more buildings and land can be increased by increasing your Ranks. Do note that the cost of owning land will get exponetially more expensive in terms of Land Deeds and Guldens required.

Can I build with Redstone?
No, Redstone will be unobtainable. It is also bad for our server!

Can I build underground?
Yes. Land claims stretches from bedrock to sky limit.

Can I place workshop/crafting furnitures?
Yes. Players are able to build "hotspots" that can be upgraded into crafting stations, such as cooking range. The limit is based on the land size.

Can I build with my friends?
Yes, there is an option for you to toggle to share the land with friends.

Can other players destroy my build?
Un-authorised players cannot interact with your land.

How big is the world where we can claim lands?
50,000 x 40,000.

What am I allowed to build?
Anything you absolutely wish. There are also preset schematics that you can follow. However, structures that are intentionally ugly or too out of time (we're in the 16th century!) will be frowned upon.
Builds that are against the rules are NOT ALLOWED:

  • Sexually offensive
  • Racist

Player Owned NPCs / Retainer

How do I hire retainers?

  1. First, you need to be of the Ranks that allow you to hire retainers. The number of retainers you can hire scales with your rank.
  2. Next, you have to find these retainers at taverns in the main world. They will have randomized age, stats, personality, intellect, appetites and gender.
  3. Finally, when you find a retainer you like, right click on them to bring up the hire menu.


Is there PvP?
Yes but PvP will be optional. On release, there will be limited PvP through mutually agreed duels. More PvP content will be coming with the release of the second expansion.

Is there open PvP?
No. We do not allow forced PvP. You're safe from players in the wilds!


What kind of planned expansions are there?
Mega expansions in terms of expansion worlds, as well as historical events.

What are expansion worlds?
There will be mega expansions that feature "Expansion worlds", where you thematically send your children to these worlds to explore while your main character stays in the main world. These Expansion worlds feature new country area, new cities, quests , mobs, bosses, instances and items. However, you can only send items to the main world and not vice versa. Players can complete challenges to earn shop coins that can be used to purchase cosmetic items.

At the end of the event, the new world will be stitched to the main world. Items and experience gained in the expansion world will be transferred over to your main character in the main world. Access to the new world can be bought using shop coins or given free while under the relevant tier of subscription.