Weekly Sparrow 46

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Greetings fellow Hegemonians,

After the extra-long sparrow last week, version 1.1.4 has a more relaxed impact on our lives. Player owned shops have been polished and will give useful feedback now. The crux is, how to get a licence.

The Merchant Guild got a new head and for the Shopkeeper status, one needs to finish an exam. The exam is composed of 40 questions about our lands, its people and some economical significances. Each try will cost 25 gulden and examinees have a leeway of 8 wrong questions. Thus, you better study first. The awarded certificate is a keepsake.

More alternative titles were added, and Serfs still have no way to hide, unless they got the power of green. Farmers and aspiring merchants can now make vegetable crates with certain average sized and long-lasting crops and sell them with a purveyance order. The war is getting closer and other than weapons and armours, our brave soldiers need a full belly.

Get your sleeping powder with the overworked trade and rest peacefully on your new bed after watching a riderless jousting round and keep tune for the next issue!
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