Weekly Sparrow 45

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Greetings fellow Hegemonians,

We had a week filled with the different aromas of competition, adventure, skilful displays and burned meat. As the Weekly Sparrow has spoken to the competitors of “A Stoic Feast” and now the vapor is dissipating, the winner is clear: It was a tie!

Both parties have given a lot of thought and passion into this event and while our honourable Knights of the Apocalypse displayed immersive decorations, artistical and spectacular entertainments, Cavimak Harimate focused on the menu itself; presenting various dishes with sometimes humble origins but deeply ingrained loyalty. For more details on the entries, see here.

Like our Graf could delve into a rich flavour, our Lords and Ladies have flushed out some incredible things. A new cooking formular has been deployed and we can finally (or unfortunately) enjoy some homemade Lager or Mead. Yes, honey has a use now! Say goodbye, dear seasoned chefs, to overly crispy porkchop and lamb legs deforming to mutton chops.

As delighted as our chefs will be about that, there is something even better – Noted items. For all those miners, coming out of the mines once a week, for all those cow-slaughterer and artisans, trade your materials or products with style and dignity as you simply hand over a parchment, stating item and amount. Those long days haggling and bustling over multiple stacks of items may turn into a distant memory.

While we are talking about trade, our silent inhabitants, the retainers, were tweak again and depending on their intelligence, your shop’s inventory space may (or may not) be used more efficiently. Picking up the gossip and whispering around them, there seem to be plans for “Breaking the Oligarchy”. Thus, look out for a new resident called Alderman. And while you are at it, visit the Herbalist in Telfs for some fresh sage.

Hearing about those, it might not be the best idea to don a noble title. But as our Lords and Ladies are generous and sensible, Hegemonians, who passed the “Freedom’s Path”, have access to alternative titles and each rank has (will have) its own variety. Be a carpenter, a brewer, a fisherman or hum a melody with your Bard title.

The next issue will talk about Version 1.1.4 and why vegetables are good for you.