Weekly Sparrow 42

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Greetings Hegemonian fellows,

Life in version 1.1.2d has gotten a little brighter with less strings attached. After we had an eventful week, fighting those deserters, many would now return to their craft. That means burrowing through rocks and clearing rubble or chopping trees for our Schönsee Militia.

Miners will enjoy the calm light of a new invention, the lantern. Although the required familiarity to glassworks is a bit high and sunflower oil is needed, you will not miss another node of coal!
The longbow recipe has also gotten a tweak, as you no longer need two strings.
Reldor was seen setting up a shop in his mountain smithy. If that will flourish or perish is still to be seen.

With this, we lay our quill to rest and seek some last rays of summer. Will the dark season give us a wonderful night scenery or are only cold, tedious tasks awaiting us? Read the next issue!