Weekly Sparrow 41

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Greetings Hegemonian fellows,

This whole week our Lords and Ladies have polished and tweaked and irked our lives. Fired up for firemaking burning everything now and Elise racks are back in place, we can look forward to our first event completely organized by Hegemonians. Our Lords and Ladies have been kind enough to grad us a noble Golden Chalice as reward. But first let us hear what one of the organizers, Pilvey, first thoughts about our lives here is:

“I returned to the lands of Hegemony two months ago, and have found many things, some new, some old, and some reinvigorated. As always, our Lords and Ladies continue to adjust and pass new laws, while opening up opportunities for new adventures. Since returning, I have walked the path of different men, in an attempt to discover my own. I have tilled the land and cultivated an assortment of crops. I have enlisted with the Militia to aid in safeguarding the realm, and in an effort to lift myself and my social standing higher and higher, I have proven my worth to a noble and become his personal bodyguard. My journey has been a long, interesting one, but I yearn for more. Luckily, these lands offer a wealth of opportunity for adventure hungry individuals such as myself!“

Concluding from these, it is apparent that our latest residents are eager to fight for honour and glory. Thus, many brave Hegemonians assembled in front of the Innsbruck Bank and set off to raid the near Deserter’s Camp and get back the Golden Chalice.
Were you satisfied with the event and how our Lords and Ladies added an extra encouragement? Will we set off together more often to quell a thread?

“A large group of men and women of many different walks of life gathered that day in Innsbruck, all with two things in mind. We wanted to bring justice to these deserters for abandoning their fellow man, and recover the valuable Golden Chalices they heinously stole. We marched out of the city and into the mountains, to find the deserters in all their apathy, drinking mead from the treasured chalices. We took them unaware, and on the word of our commander for this raid, we took them by storm. Shields raised, and archers firing from behind, we fought for honor and glory. With the chalices reclaimed, the Lords and Ladies graced us with the privleage and retaining some of the treasure, as well as anything else we looted from the deserters. It was truly an honor to participate, and I still dream of the thrill of that battle. Someday we will be called upon again. As men and women of the realm of Hegemony, we have many freedoms, but I promise you: If you respond when called to arms, you will not regret it.“

So we reach the end of this issue. Next week we will talk about Version 1.1.2d and how it changed the miner’s life.