Weekly Sparrow 39

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Greetings Hegemonian fellows,

Our stay in version 1.1.1 was rather short, seeing as we are now in version 1.1.2 already. The Lords and Ladies have busied themselves with the new quest system and ranks. Let us rise our Lager and give them a toast!

A new social rank, Villein, was added together with resin, Ashwood twigs and many more components for the quest “Fratricide” so dust off your boots.
To encourage a friendly competition between the Hegemonians, jousting got a nice reward.
All craftsmen can heave a sigh of relief as the toolbelt is operational again.
Firemaking is more relaxed, although some flints tend to fall off quickly.
The Lords and Ladies managed to calm Elise and the seasoning merchant down again.
A quarry was added in the northeast on Innsbruck to help the Freiin lay new brick paths for her garden.

The brown bear have been seen less and less on the Alpine pass, so travellers are advised to be vigilant. No official news about the renovation of Innsbruck were disclosed but the constant hammering und plopping down blocks is a good sign.

The next issue will look at the new Monastery and come with an extra; Behind-the-Scenes!