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Greetings Hegemonian fellows,

After the spectacular launch of Version 1.1.0 last week, we got not one but two updates. We live in Version 1.1.1b for now, bringing to us:

Farmers can now make buckets of fertilizers for their crops and hell they’ll need it.
Oats, Rye and Barley can now be threshed, hopefully we can make some delicious bread soon.
Beekeeping is also getting more interest as you can forage wild bees for their precious wax… and the honey.
Passive animals like the goats and deer can now be hunted for leather or milked if you don’t mind the spills.
Bowyer and Schönsee’s Quartermaster have stocked up more items now.
The Forlorn Hope have gotten more motivated by Florian’s, Ulrich’s and Heinrich’s fixed pierce changes.
Our know knight, Ritter Banneret, is itching to challenge the whoever brings a scroll.

Some rumours are heard that a large-scale renovation of Innsbruck hast started. the traders from the east have also brought a new kind of tree to our lands and the Bowyer might have an idea for a new bow.

On the next issue, we will see how the new ranks and quests are doing. Who will be our first Villein?