Weekly Sparrow 37

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Greetings Hegemonian fellows,

A new week dawns and our Lords and Ladies have many things to introduce this time. Version 1.1.0 gets launched this week and just to name a few additions here:

More friendly NPCs live the Innsbruck Valley now; be it fishermen, hunters or farmers, everyone is welcome to greet your new neighbours.
Clara, Annabelle, Hennig and more noteworthy fellows will give you a task or two and help you rise in higher social circles.
Tailors have now a competitor, the Leatherworkers, for ranged armour.
Swordsmen will rejoice about the new shields adding a bit more toughness to their craft.
Farmers and cooks can explore the new hops, berries and spices to make some delicious pie and beverages.
Escort the tired traders from Lauterbrunnen to Hochhügel and get some nice rewards.
Dress up with new unlockable skins.

For those, who prefer spending their time honing a skill, have a look at the trading company in Innsbruck, Am Sonnenplatz 32, to get a purveyance order and feel like a merchant. Or polish your weapon and go look for those cowardly deserters south of Innsbruck to get them a good beating.

Read the next Issue to learn about the animals and how the polishing of Innsbruck comes along!