Hegemony's Content Expansion Behind the Scenes

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Hello everyone!

We're days away from announcing our very first expansion/historical event (Friday 28th August 12:00PM PST)! Today we are going to go through how exactly Hegemony's expansions work.

With expansions, there are two types:
1) Historical Events
2) Grand Historical Events

Historical Events
These add to the existing game world, and as the name suggests and something historical is occurring be it the arrival of a monumental figure, new discoveries or a significant change in politics. The upcoming expansion is a Historical Event and as you all know, it is named "Traders from the East" and should give you a clue on what the historical background entails!

Historical events add temporary gameplay mechanics that bring completely new gameplay, new rewards, items, questlines and of course permanent improvements to your character through completion of the historical event quest line.

At the conclusion of the event, the questlines, NPCs, content and gameplay mechanics are removed, as such they are time-limited and temporarily change the fundamental way or ways you play the game. Historical events will have an outcome on the world (or sometimes not) several months after the conclusion where depending on how player's interacted with it, it will be either implemented (or not implemented) into the core game.

Historical Event.png

Grand Historical Events
These are huge monumental historical events that literally change the face of the world immediately after the conclusion of the event, the one we are developing after Traders from the East is a Grand Historical Event.

In Grand Historical Events, the world is split into two, the new area where the historical event is occurring and the existing world. To partake in history you must send off your child to explore the new area (starting from scratch) the new world is a completely new location with additionally the historical event's new game mechanic, new quests, challenges culminating in an epic end-game encounter that decides the fate of the world.

At the conclusion of the event, based on the results of the endgame event, the new areas and the corresponding historical outcome will be merged to the main world, the new gameplay mechanics, content, mobs, areas and quests are added to the core game immediately.

Grand History.png

An example of an upcoming Grand Historical Event would be:
- A huge new town (Marienburg) is the focus of the Historical Event world
- Players pick a faction to assist and earn resources via the Historical Event Mechanic
- The historical event culminates at the end to a multi-weekend epic siege where players are involved for the new town
- The town's ownership be it the Commonwealth or Teutons based on the result of the historical event is merged into the core game alongside all the new gameplay mechanics, quests, mobs, dungeons, items and so on.
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Hi everyone,

thank you for the detailed explanation and visualization for the upcoming changes Hegemon. Some points are still a bit unclear for me:

1.) Regarding the Historical Events, we'll have new quests and I guess not just 3-4. What happens when someone can't finish the questline during the event? Will we get a secound chance when the event reoccures or will we start from zero again?
2.) Will rankings be a thing for this event?

3.) The Grand Historical Events sound intresting but what happens should not enough players partake or it comes to a draw? Will the event last longer or is the content added as an unfinished task to encourage players to do better later on?

Thank you for all the hard work and patience with us.


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1) Quest states will probably be saved
2) There might be rankings it depends on the historical event mechanic
3) We expect most players to take part in the Grand Historical Events as you can complete challenges to earn Microtransaction Shop Currency, the questlines and such are merged into the main world but the deciding factor for example will Marienburg fly the Commonwealth or Teutonic Order colours will be decided in the ultimate encounter regardless of player count.