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Expansion Details:

Traders from a foreign empire have sent gifts, and emissaries to Europa in seek of the elixir of life, they bring valuable goods…that draw lustful eyes. Aid them…or perhaps pillage their caravans for inventions, riches and exotic goods that Europa has not seen before.

“Traders from the East” is Hegemony’s very first Historical Event Expansion. Historical Events add a temporary mechanic into the world, as well as time-limited rewards, quests, stories, NPCs, recipes and items to the game. Based on player interaction with the historical event, the event at its conclusion (next expansion) may either be:

- Merged into the core game at conclusion
- Not merged into the core game
- Merged at a later date

“Traders from the East” is also a content expansion with:

- 21 New Quests
- 4 New Ranks (Villein, Townsman, Craftsman, Shopkeeper)
- 2 New Skills (Leatherworking and Agility)
- 2 New Vocations (Thieves Guild and Purveyance)
- 3 New Leather Armour Set Types
- 5 New Locations
- Combat Rework (Melee and Ranged)
- Mob Rebalance and Dozens of New Mobs
- New Deadly Endgame Encounter
- Powerful New Item Sets
- Retainer Update (Enables Retainers to be set on resource collection tasks)
- Rental Rework (Including layered rentals so everyone can rent)
- 800+ New Properties to Rent

Historical Event Mechanic

Players are pitted against each other in a Safe-PvP Assymetrical Minigame, either escorting or plundering the Emissary's Caravan.

The minigame uses its own combat system and all players have 5 hearts. Any damage or projectiles will deal 1 heart of damage. There is no natural regeneration of life but escorts are healed by the caravan if they are near it.

Kills, team performance, stealing from the caravan will be kept track of and between checkpoints you will acquire better gear and supplies based on your performance, allowing you to either mitigate or deal more damage.

Looters naturally spawn with more ranged weapons and projectiles and can use the terrain to harass and attempt to disrupt the formation of the escorts.

Players are rewarded with a new currency (Tael of Silver) based on their own and team performance when the caravan reaches its destination and can use these to purchase exotic goods such as silk, gunpowder, paper and permanent recipe unlocks such as fireworks from the Eastern Traders.

Layered World and Layered Rentals

Quests in this expansion heavily use our layered world tech, meaning you see different NPCs and world states based on your quest progress. We have also applied this to rentals as this was an issue last launch so now at least one property in each location will be layered, just like the public farm plots, you will only be able to interact and see your own furniture.

Enjoy our new immersive 21 brand new quests, 4 new ranks and 2 new vocations!

Combat Rebalance

Combat has received a huge revamp, level requirements for gear has been slashed meaning you have access to better protection and damage far earlier in the game, which has also allowed us to make mobs more deadly and at the same time more rewarding.

Combat experience has been doubled (it was half what it was supposed to be due to an internal glitch) and of course Ranged combat got some much needed love.

Ranged combat values have been tweaked and we've added the Ranged Bonus/Penalty stat to gear, most armours offering a malus based on how heavy they are and the three new armour sets Leather, Heavy Leather and Studded Leather offering ranged bonuses.

We've also implemented ranged combat stances that give small bonuses based on what style you choose.

New Endgame
After you complete the final quest in this expansion of the Dienstverweigerer questline you will unlock an extremely difficult endgame encounter with amazing rewards, and the chance to acquire one of the coveted late game sets that confer special bonuses.

The bosses in this encounter are extremely deadly, be fully prepared before engaging this encounter!

To find out more about this expansion check out our expansion announcement page:
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Hopefully there's no major update launch bugs 🐌
I'm mainly excited about the new skills, especially Agility 🐌